Need Grease Trap Replacement Services in Fort Worth, TX?

Protect the Pipes in Your Kitchen From Grease

Anyone who's ever worked in a kitchen understands how badly grease can damage your pipes. That's why the majority of restaurant owners install grease traps. If your grease trap is broken, reach out to the experts at E & B Services. We can install a new grease trap at your Fort Worth, TX establishment.

Our grease trap installation will protect your pipes, saving you time and money. You can count on us for quality results and excellent customer service. Call 682-239-1779 to schedule a grease trap replacement service today.

Backhoe Services in Fort Worth, TX

Our grease trap replacement process

Most grease traps are installed underneath the restaurant, usually in the parking lot area. Our team can handle your grease trap issues, no matter where it's located.
Our team will:

  • Dig up the concrete in the parking lot
  • Repair or replace your grease trap
  • Fix the concrete in the parking lot
  • Haul off debris and clean up the area

Contact us now to learn more about our grease trap installation service in Fort Worth, TX.